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Thursday, August 01, 2019

Davido, Blow My Mind X Chris Brown Vs Naira Marley, Soapy X Prisoners (Opinion Poll)

Blow my mind Vs Soapy

See this story oooo, davido just released a song titles "Blow My Mind" featuring Chris Brown and Naira Marley Dey sing Soapy featuring prisoners. 

In this world let me say, doing things right has an influence on the nation why give it a bad name by bad conduct .

Teach a child the way he should grow so he wouldn't depart from it.

Let's live a life of good conduct.

Nigeria is blessed 

We have a lot of talents in Nigeria but we allow the bad eggs spoil the good eggs, by giving chance for the bad to grow.

The works of your hand would tell the result.

We catch criminal, yahoo boys, thieves.

The money goes into government pocket but instead they are sponsoring herbs men.

And seeking for Ruga.

We are stopping importation but we have political importation where we take our resources to another country and they utilize it for us.

In sport we hired a white coach and yet we don't train out people to be better.

As small as Ghana they have electricity and yet we that allowed Ghana to go we don't have a stable working generating power plant.

The influential are watching and what is the impact of their riches to the economy.

The educated are no longer working but doing menial jobs like taxi drivers or others as we know, yet Buhari says lazy Nigerian Youth 

What level of decency must we apply to make this country a better place for living like the way, we all want to run to USA and see a better place. 

When we were once valued by Britain .

Our Naira value can now be compared with cedi  

God help Nigeria.

Share this post to 2 persons so it would reach Buhari For me.

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